“Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”
Sylvia Plath

With a Bachelor of Arts in English/Writing, I have the skills to take your story to the next level. Whether you need help with the big picture or just a quick spit shine on your previously edited work, there's no job too large or small for me. My expertise ranges from incredibly technical to the creative. Not sure what kind of assistance you need? Shoot me an email, and I'll be more than glad to help you figure it out!

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About Us

The Girls Behind The Red Pens

Madison Seidler

I have a husband, two kids, a dog, and a fish. Aside from that, I'm a self-proclaimed book nerd, obsessed with coffee, blogs and proper sentence structure. I thrive under pressure, and working in the editorial scene (as in, at my house, with my kids staring at me, almost never wearing a bra) has provided lots of that ... in the best way! When I'm not reviewing books on Madison Says, or wrangling the little people who share my DNA, I'm trying to make a dent in my never-ending to-read list. There's really nothing I won't read, and aside from enjoying others' words, I love helping make those words prettier. Editing was always the obvious choice for me. While writing is a passion of mine, I enjoy beautifying the stories that other people write. Combining my love for books with my super nerdy love of the English language has been such a natural step, and being able to work with so many talented authors has been fun and inspiring.

Chelsea Kuhel

I am a wife, a mom, a teacher, and a coach, an amateur runner and chef, and a grammar buff. I have a double major in English Literature and Secondary Education. I work full time teaching Composition and Speech to semi (almost always) reluctant high school students, advising, designing, and editing the yearbook, and coaching cheerleading. By accident, I am always editing things that I read, so editing on purpose seemed like a good fit for me. I love reading books before they are even published, and even more so, I love being able to give authors insight on things as small as commas and as big as character and storyline development.


Quality Will Be Remembered Long After Price Has Been Forgotten

Insert Proofreaders Mark


This is a basic edit where I will check your work for punctuation and misspellings, stylistic inconsistencies, missing words, and formatting and keyboarding mistakes. This is best after a full copyedit, where many changes to the manuscript were made, or for those that have already had extensive edits done in terms of storyline and character development and content-related issues are not a concern. Substantial changes will not be made to the manuscript, as this is similar to the final pass edit. This level of editing can be for those previously published who might find they need some extra clean up on their manuscript.
$.0065 per word

Paragraph Proofreading Mark


Copyediting is an in-depth examination of your manuscript’s content from concept (storyline and character development) to stylistic (wording, grammar, flow) choices. This includes consistency and continuity within the story, but also spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, basic-level fact checking, timeline issues, sentence structure, verb tense, and clarity. I use the comments feature when questions regarding your writing/storyline occur, and when appropriate, I offer suggestions for revision. These services are highly recommended for anyone preparing to publish their manuscript where no editing has taken place at all. Copyediting includes the initial read-through with edits, as well as suggestions for rewrites.
$.0085 per word

Delete Proofreaders Mark

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is available for those interested and is more of a collaborative effort. Think of this as needing help with the “big picture.” The general idea might be in place, but assistance is needed in fleshing out the idea and creating consistency and proper flow and is for manuscripts in their infancy. This is a much more in-depth editing process, where many drafts are created and a lot of refining is necessary. An author might decide much later into the writing process that this is needed, and if that’s the case, an entire overhaul may take place. If you’re finding yourself in this position with your manuscript, please contact me. This is charged based on the scope of the project and the overall need of the author. With this service, it will also umbrella copy editing and proofreading when that point is reached in the manuscript.

Spit Shine

This is available for Madison Seidler clients that have had copy editing and/or proofreading done to their manuscript. In most cases, it is suggested that proofreading takes place after copy edits, due to the amount of changes that may take place; however, some circumstances may allow a spit shine to be completed after only one pass. This is at the discretion of the editor and is the final pass to make sure all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. This is charged as a flat fee based on word count.
0k-50k --> $80.00 51k-75k --> $100.00 76k-100k --> $150.00 100k & up --> please contact
With all the services listed, a non-refundable $50.00 deposit and signed contract is required to hold your spot on the calendar. Date ranges are flexible as I realize writing a story cannot be forced, but also please keep in mind that I book out at least six months in advance at this point; if you aren't on schedule, I cannot guarantee priority to your manuscript when I receive it as I may be working on another project that was scheduled for that time period. Payments can be submitted through PayPal to payments@madisonseidler.com. A half-down deposit is required when the manuscript is submitted to me for editing, and the balance is due BEFORE the edits will be returned. The booking deposit is subtracted from the final balance. Upon holding your date, a timeline will be established, in terms of when you’ll receive the edits, as this is usually based on which level of service you need, but also your planned publication date. I work with Microsoft Word, Pages, or Open Office files. I use the Track Changes feature, as well as Comments for additional remarks. For those using Developmental Editing, a full feedback report may be provided, when necessary. It will be up to the author to “accept” said changes themselves upon receiving the edits. I make no final changes to the document.


Word on the Street
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    As a new indie author, choosing an editor is a daunting prospect. I'm incredibly grateful that other authors thanked Madison Seidler in their acknowledgements for her fantastic work, because that's what led me to her. Working with Madison has smoothed out the (sometimes very) rough edges of my manuscript and given me the confidence to hit publish. Her edits are thoughtful, her comments honest, and her willingness to share her knowledge of the indie publishing world has been invaluable. I would highly recommend her services to anyone searching for an indie editor.

    Meghan March Flash Bang
  • "

    In the process of writing my first novel, nothing worried me more than finding an editor. Then, by the absolute best luck, I stumbled upon Madison Seidler’s page and all my worries were put to rest. Working with Chelsea made the process a thousand times less painless than editing can be. Chelsea's professionalism, advice, and attention to detail exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be looking to her for my future works.

    KC WunderlichComing Home
  • "

    I had the pleasure of working with Madison on my first book, and she made the entire process seamless. In the face of my constant newbie questions, Madison was patient and informative. She always answered my emails promptly and gave me honest and direct feedback. When unforeseen travel plans came up, Madison worked around my schedule, no questions asked. When she found a weak spot in my story line, she helped brainstorm ideas to strengthen it and gave invaluable feedback on those changes. Her attention to detail and her knowledge of punctuation and grammar are phenomenal. My book was riddled with misplaced commas, spaces, and quotation marks, but she made sense of all of it. Hiring Madison was a great decision and I would no hesitate to use her again.

    JA DerouenHope Over Fear
  • "

    From the very beginning Madison Seidler was professional, friendly and extremely efficient. (A total blessing in my first self-publishing venture.) Chelsea edited my manuscript with a keen eye for my errors in punctuation, verb tense, phrasing and typos making sure that my story was clean and clear. Whenever she found something confusing in plot or character she made very smart suggestions. One time, she pointed out a weak, predictable word choice, and she was so right! I re-worked the passage and got rid of the cliche and new, better things had come up in my writing. It also made me look harder at my entire manuscript as I did my final revisions. Chelsea was also very thorough in her responses to all my follow-up questions as well, which was priceless. Thank you Chelsea for your support and encouragement!

    Cat PorterLock & Key
  • "

    When writing my first novel and searching for an editor, I reached out to Madison Seidler. After hearing what services she offered and the comfort I felt with her company this is whom I chose to use. Chelsea Kuhel was the editor for my book and I have continued to use her, and have all the faith and confidence in Chelsea. Being my debut novel I was apprehensive and worried I would not be able to do this. Throughout the editing process with Chelsea, I have been so thankful for my choice in editors. When I get my edits back, I can see the word placement changes, to make it a better flow. As a writer, I know what I want to say and in my head it makes perfect sense, but to the reader it may not. Chelsea took great care in making the book flow better while still keeping my tone and message in the novel. The same can be said for the next two books, and I can say with complete honesty, that as long as Chelsea continues to do editing, she will continue to be my editor. The confidence I feel when I hit the publish button, knowing it is the best book I could have possibly put out, is in no small part due to her and her brilliance. I fell in love with my story all over again, and that is a huge part to the editing. I wasn’t brow-beat and forced to make changes, and actually none of my changes hurt the book, but I feel made it that much stronger. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and you can be sure, for all future projects, I will turn to them for editing.

    LA LunsfordNot Enough / Not Leaving
  • "

    With professional communication and thoughtful edits, Madison Seidler is an asset to a serious author.

    Skye WarrenDon't Let Go
  • "

    The process of getting your manuscript ready to publish is a daunting one. There are so many things you have to think about as an author. Fortunately, I was given a recommendation for Madison Seidler. Madison and Chelsea are a wonderful editing team. They are truly amazing, thoughtful, timely, and supportive. They worked with me to bring my manuscript to the next level and get ready to hit publish. When I needed help with a technical issue, Madison worked with me to figure out the solution. I am grateful for the personalized attention. Going into this process, I knew I would need someone who could correct my grammatical errors and keep my story on point. Both Madison and Chelsea worked efficiently, carefully, and quickly to bring my publishing dream a reality. If you are searching for a team who will provide you with support, advice, and responsiveness, then look no further. They are the complete package.

    Aine KelleyFinding Home
  • "

    In the process of publishing my debut novel I was lucky enough to be recommended to Madison Seidler. I was a complete novice and Madison was very friendly, I never had to wait around for information or an answer to my many queries. Madison and Chelsea fit me into their busy schedule without hesitation and were very welcoming. Chelsea did a wonderful job, she did a thorough edit pointing out grammar and spelling mistakes that I didn't even know existed. The format I received my edits in were very easy for me to use and understand, which for a beginner was wonderful. I was able to ask any questions I wanted after the process and always received a prompt response. Chelsea also made helpful notes where she thought the story could do with some tweaking and commented if anything didn't make sense. The customer service provided was excellent, responses were instant and most helpful. Using Madison and Chelsea was invaluable as they not only edited my manuscript brilliantly but guided me through the process. As a newcomer to the self-publishing industry I am very grateful to Madison and Chelsea for making me feel welcome and helping me to get out a polished and refined version of my novel 'Waiting for Grace'. I would definitely use them again and trust their work implicitly.

    Hayley OakesWaiting for Grace / Just Between Us
  • "

    Madison is not only a top notch, A grade editor, she is also supportive, funny and very warm. Her professionalism and attention to detail is exactly what every author is searching for. With a keen eye and her knowledge of the indie publishing industry, I can honestly say that Madison is one of the best editors I have ever worked with and I would certainly recommend her services to others. My novel was edited in a very timely fashion and with excellent precision. She is an invaluable asset to any new or aspiring authors and a god send to existing ones.

    Marie CoulsonDiary of a Dieter / Burning Up
  • "

    Working with Madison was a wonderful experience. Her attention to detail throughout my entire manuscript was impeccable. The extra time she took to answer all of my questions was admirable, and I am utterly grateful for every bit of information she gave me. I look forward to working with Madison on future projects.

    Ryan MicheleSafe / Wanting You
  • "

    The best way I can describe Madison is... abso-freaking-lutely AMAZING! I wasn’t new to the publishing game when I met Madison; at least that’s what I thought. I had published four novels and a novella at the time and all were in a YA genre. My most recent book, Stubborn Love, was a NA Contemporary Romance. I had decided that maybe it was time to switch things up and try something new. I hired Madison, and after working with the same editor throughout my writing career had no idea what to expect. Madison Seidler was mentioned on Okay Creations website, and after seeing her gorgeous website, my husband commented, “hey she understands the importance of presentation, give her a try.” So I did. First off, I want to say Madison is honest, which is something an author needs. She is thorough as well. Another editor on her team, Chelsea, was able to edit my second round of edits as well. And all of this was super fast, as in less than a week folks! Once I had the finished product she also helped me get the word out, which really helped with my launch. Then it happened. I started seeing reviews where people actually commented that the editing was great and the book was clean. What? I had no idea that was something that actually happened. After my previous works had been dinged on editing errors I decided to bite the bullet and sign on for Madison & Chelsea to re-edit my entire series. We are currently in the middle of the relaunch and reviewers have already started saying how much cleaner the new versions are. Madison saved my life and also helped me find a courage I was lacking. These were my books and if I wanted people to appreciate them I needed to invest in them. And that is exactly what Madison is, the best investment I ever made. I can’t recommend her enough.

    Wendy OwensStubborn Love / Only in Dreams / The Guardians series
  • "

    The most important aspect, to me, about the presentation of a book is the editing. You might have a fantastic cover and a synopsis that catches the reader's attention, but if a chapter into the book you realize it was poorly edited or not edited all, the book can easily become unreadable. I've been following Madison's blog for a while and stalked her page on Facebook a little bit. I instantly knew she was someone I wanted to work with. It was the first time I had hired a professional editor, and I was a little unsure about sending my manuscript to a complete stranger. As soon as I contacted Madison she put me at ease. She was efficient, detailed and able to edit my manuscript in a timely manner. I also really appreciated her updates along the way. I never felt out of the loop. I've already hired Madison to edit my next novel and can't wait to work with her again!

    Mindy HayesEmber / Me After You
  • "

    I am so happy I chose to use Madison as my editor. Everything couldn't have gone more smoothly, and I had my edits back to me much quicker than I had expected. I definitely plan on using her again for my next novel!

    Alyssa Rae TaylorRaising Ryann
  • "

    When I decided that the words I was making into a story was something that I wanted to share with the world, I knew there were two things I needed to make sure happened. First, I needed the cover to be perfect and grab everyone’s attention. Second, I knew that once I had everyone’s attention, I needed to make sure that the story I gave them was delivered in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Of course I knew that the story had to be great, but if I sent it out into the world completely raw and unedited, it would do it a disservice. The decision to hire an editor was an easy one; it was making sure I picked the right one for me and my book that was difficult. I thank my lucky stars that I was paying attention the day another author mentioned the name, Madison Seidler. I had tucked that name into my notes and kept it for the day I would need it. Of course I did my research, checked out a few editors, and kept coming back to Madison. Needless to say, I hired her and sent her my work, which was one of the scariest things I had done to that point in time. After hiring Madison, I was pleased to find out exactly how great it was to work with her. She was honest and frank, worked in an efficient manner, answered all of my questions and gave guidance when I asked for it. Since this was my first experience with all of it, Madison was able to lead me over the hurdles and deliver me safely to the finish line. Then when I read the finished product, I was floored by exactly how well everything flowed after the editing was done. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results and the work that Madison provided me. It is my intention to utilize Madison and her editing services for my future work, so long as she wants to continue to work with me. I would, and have already, highly recommended Madison Seidler.

    Melanie CodinaLove Realized / Love Resisted / Love Required
  • "

    I am so happy I was referred to Madison. She was quick, efficient and all around fantastic to work with. She not only got my writing style, she made great suggestions that helped strengthen my story. I will definitely be working with her again and recommending her services.

    Stephanie NelsonEmbracing the Wolf / Turning Home
  • "

    We had a lot of fun working with Madison, and we learned quite a bit. We found out that it should be toward not towards, and again only one space after a period. She did an amazing job in rearranging some sentences to make them run smoothly without changing the context of our story. She was very fast and efficient all the while waiting on baby number two to make an appearance. We look forward to working with her in the near future and would recommend her services.

    Maegan Lynn MooresSweet Ride
  • "

    I learned a lot from Madison while working on edits for my book. This was my first attempt at writing, and apparently there is only one space after a sentence now! Who knew? She did.

    I also found out that I am very stingy with commas, or I overcompensate and put them everywhere. After receiving edits back for the first half of the book, I stopped worrying about my commas and such and concentrated on the content of my book. It’s all about having confidence in your editor, and I do! (I told her to edit this testimonial before she posts it!)

    Would I use her again? In a New York minute.

    Nikki WorrellThe Enforcer / Goalie Interference / What Mother Doesn't Know
  • "

    Madison was recommended to me by my friend and fellow author. We quickly worked out the details and from there on out, it was magic. Commas, sentence structure, a missed quotation mark, she found it all. She was kind, understanding and prompt. My work was returned to me, and the changes were easy to accept. Most of all though, she was encouraging. As a first time author and a mom of 3 girls, one of them sick, I often found it hard to continue on. Madison encouraged me and was flexible, never making me feel bad for missing a deadline. I really want to thank her for that. I'm so glad the book is finished, and I'm confident that every I has been dotted, and every t has been crossed. It's been an incredible journey. Thank you.

    Shannon CallahanHell, Fire, & Freedom / Faith, Honor, & Freedom / King
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