Some food for thought on common core…

… and how it affects students at different levels, and what it means for teaching (and learning) writing.

I came across this blog post at the end of last week and found myself thinking about it again tonight. While my son is just barely into preschool, and is young for his class (not even 3 yet), it definitely had my wheels spinning. While I’m all for structure and parameters, etc. I can also get down with deviating from that from time to time (which says a lot because I’m incredibly by-the-book, type A, crazy!), and I found this article so interesting because this woman is an educator. She teaches on the high school level, so she knows what goes into educating and college prep, and I do think she brings up some very valid points about what is happening with elementary students, which really makes me sad. I didn’t always love going to school, but I certainly didn’t despise it either.

“You are making them believe they are dumb because they can’t multiply and divide on the exact day that the module says they should be multiplying and dividing. You are creating a generation of disengaged children who now feel insufficient.”

Not long after that, I came across this post, which focuses on Common Core and how it is impacting narrative writing in the high school setting. Because I went to school for writing, I found this particularly of interest. I remember spending quite a bit of time in high school writing narrative essays, and actually, it was one specific teacher who really solidified my love for English and writing, basically pushing me into those studies in college.

“When narrative writing is squeezed from the curriculum, we miss irreplaceable opportunities to help our students understand and appreciate the power of the written word in their own lives.”

No matter what your take is on common core or the education system as it currently stands, I thought to share because I found them to be enlightening. Whether you have kids in grade school or high school, I think there is definitely some stuff to think about. In the literary world especially … as these kids are the next generation of writers … !!!

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