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This is a basic edit, where your work will be checked for punctuation and misspellings, stylistic inconsistencies, missing words, and formatting and keyboarding mistakes. This is best after a full copyedit, where many changes to the manuscript were made, or for those who have already had extensive edits done in terms of storyline and character development and content-related issues are not a concern. Substantial changes will not be made to the manuscript, as this is similar to the final pass edit. This level of editing can be for those previously published who might find they need some extra clean up on their manuscript.


Copy Editing

Copyediting is an in-depth examination of your manuscript’s content from concept (storyline and character development) to stylistic (wording, grammar, flow) choices. This includes consistency and continuity within the story, but also spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, basic-level fact checking, timeline issues, sentence structure, verb tense, and clarity. Comments are made when questions regarding your writing/storyline occur, and when appropriate, suggestions for revision are offered. These services are highly recommended for anyone preparing to publish their manuscript where no editing has taken place at all. Copyediting includes the initial read-through with edits, as well as suggestions for rewrites.


Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is available for those interested and is more of a collaborative effort. Think of this as needing help with the “big picture.” The general idea might be in place, but assistance is needed in fleshing out the idea and creating consistency and proper flow and is for manuscripts in their infancy. This is a much more in-depth editing process, where many drafts are created and a lot of refining is necessary. An author might decide much later into the writing process that this is needed, and if that’s the case, an entire overhaul may take place. If you’re finding yourself in this position with your manuscript, please contact us. This is charged based on the scope of the project and the overall need of the author. With this service, it will also umbrella copy editing and proofreading when that point is reached in the manuscript.


With all the services listed, a non-refundable $100.00 deposit and signed contract is required to hold your spot on the calendar. Date ranges are flexible as we realize writing a story cannot be forced, but also please keep in mind that we book out at least six months in advance at this point; if you aren’t on schedule, we cannot guarantee priority to your manuscript when we receive it, as we may be working on another project that was scheduled for that time period.

Payments will be submitted through PayPal. A half-down deposit is required when the manuscript is submitted for editing, and the balance is due BEFORE the edits will be returned. The booking deposit is subtracted from the final balance. Upon holding your date, a timeline will be established, in terms of when you’ll receive the edits, as this is usually based on which level of service you need, but also your planned publication date.

A rush fee (10%) may be added to your project, in order to complete the edits within a strict timeline. This is especially the case for authors who have a previously set release date, or those who do not submit their manuscript to the editor by the established date. 

We work with Microsoft Word, Pages, or Open Office files. For those receiving Developmental Editing, a full feedback report may be provided, when necessary. It will be up to the author to “accept” said changes upon receiving the edits. No final changes to the document are made by the editor.

While we work our hardest, we are also humans, not robots. We have a reputation of providing authors with clean editing, but we don’t ever claim perfection. For that reason, we recommend more than one level of editing. We realize this is an investment, but we truly believe it’s one that can more than pay off with the best end result possible.

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