Re-Introducing Ourselves

Hello and Happy Spring!

We wanted to take a second to re-introduce ourselves and update everyone on what we have been doing for the last year! Aside from raising small kids and living on opposite sides of the country, we’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy.

Since last summer, Madison and I have made some changes to our business that have been more rewarding than we could have imagined. Not only has the editing side of the business grown by leaps and bounds (check out our portfolio!), but the pilot and launching of the Writer’s Hangout has been incredible. The additions and changes we have made really got us thinking about the idea of educating and consulting writers, and since then we have been brainstorming other avenues in which to do this.

Our Writer’s Hangout stemmed from a late-night text conversation about how we have learned many “do’s and don’t’s” over the years in editing. I have been a teacher for the last five years, and I taught Composition specifically for quite a few of those years, so I had a lot of simple strategies that could help the budding, new author get words on the paper, while helping a more established author hone his or her craft. Combine that with networking and discussion and the giving and receiving of weekly feedback, and the Writer’s Hangout was born. We have offered a handful of Writer’s Hangout sessions this year, and each one has been unique and challenging.

As we continue to grow our network and business, we will be sharing writing strategies, quick-write prompts, and daily inspiration to help writers. In addition, keep an eye out for the launch of our monthly newsletter!

We are so excited to be growing, developing, and networking in the indie book world, and we hope that you stick with us as we embark on some new journeys this spring!



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