Tuesday night I got a new tattoo. It’s now my third, but I’d have to say it’s definitely my favorite.

When I was nineteen, my friend and I went to Dallas for a week. It was really our first trip of that caliber alone. We hit up Coyote Ugly … and got tattoos. In today’s day and age, it would be deemed a tramp stamp. In our defense, that wasn’t the case then. So then a few months later, I was visiting this same friend at school, and we went into St. Louis for the day/night. Again, we got tattoos. This time we got them on our feet–and they were based off our life’s ambitions. Laura has the word dancer and I have a star. Clearly, I had some high hopes for my career back then. ha. I suppose there’s still hope for stardom somehow, right? I am, after all, only twenty-seven.

So now, fast forward eight years, and I finally got another tattoo (sorry Mom). I’d been wanting one on my wrist for a long time, but since it was something I knew I was going to have to look at it all the time (unlike my foot and back ones), I wanted to be absolutely sure about what I got.

I went with …


I’ve always really appreciated typography, but I’ve been especially fond of the ampersand. Super weird, right? What a strange thing to like. While we’re at it, I also LOVE the number 7. Love it. But more than just thinking that the & looks cool, I think what it represents is so much cooler.

Now here’s where I get super philosophical. 😉

I think it’s cool to think about how people are connected. I’ve never seen more of this than in the last year of starting Madison Says, and now more recently Madison Seidler. AND connects people, thoughts, everything. I think having this reminder of connections is nice. You can have so much in common in with so many different people. And there’s so many people I have yet to even meet. When I think about it, it’s kinda trippy. There are so many people in the world, but somehow we’re all connected. We’re all human. We might live super different lives. But we’re connected. Crazy, right?

That brings me to my other point of why I love AND.

It means there’s more to come. When you hear … and … you know there’s something to follow. It’s the promise of more. I like knowing that. I’m a young mom of two, whose career is just really starting to take off in ways I had only hoped for when I graduated college. But then it didn’t. So I went another direction. AND now, I’m here, and I’m super excited to see where this is going to lead me. And my family. Tim and I are really in a place of transition right now. There are a lot of opportunities presenting themselves, we’re young, and have two healthy, thriving children (and we’re stopping there). So in this feeling of change, while I’m scared, I’m also really, really excited. For the more. The AND. I like the reminder to strive for more. Not to get stagnant and comfortable. But to want more … From life, relationships, your career. More from it all.

So Mom, since you’re wondering why I got this tattoo … now you know. It’s a reminder, a continuation, of more to come …

PS – I realize to die hard tattooed folk, yes, it’s upside down. But I just couldn’t deal with it facing out. I liked it to be right side facing me.



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  1. I love it and love your thought behind it. I also have a tramp stamp and I’m even older than you so, it wasn’t considered a tramp stamp at the time I got mine either. LOL I love both of my tats and can’t wait to get more. It always has to have a meaning though. I love that your polish matches your blog design. <3

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