2014 Scheduling!

It’s crazy to think that we’re wrapping up 2013 … I swear, this year has gone by faster than maybe any other in the history of my life. ha.

As for 2014, if you’ve already secured one or more of your dates–Bravo! If you’ve not, please make sure to do so as soon as possible. I try my best to squeeze in clients when I can, but with two kids now, it’s just not as easy anymore, and I am resolving to take better care of myself (and therefore, my family) this coming year. I want to service as many clients as possible, as always, but just need to find a balance.

If you’ve not yet done so, please make sure to contact us with your booking information so we can get you on the schedule. For myself, I’m booking into March, with some dates in April, May, and June already taken. At this point, Chelsea is booking into February.

As a reminder, in order to secure your spot, your $50 deposit per book has to be paid. Until that is paid, the date stays open. Sorry! It’s just what I have to do to guarantee I have enough work each month and don’t turn someone away based on a spoken agreement.

Regarding changes in schedule–we realize writing doesn’t always just spill out, so I recommend a conservative estimate when it comes to your submission date. While we try to help out where we can in order to accommodate changes in schedule, please note that if we have to move you, it may take longer to return your edits, as our schedules are rather fine tuned. In some cases, rush fees may apply, but even then, that’s tricky because we have to sleep and eat and care for our kids! 🙂

We hope everyone has a great holiday season and end to 2013. Thank you to all my past and current clients who’ve helped grow Madison Seidler and make this such a rewarding year for me. I appreciate all your business, referrals, and kind words.

NOTE: You can email me at madison@madisonseidler.com to schedule a 2014 date or use the contact form on the website!

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  1. Janet Leu


    I am interested in having you copyedit my 100,000 word NA contemporary romance novel in January 2014. Which dates do you have available so far?


    1. Madison Seidler

      Hi Janet! I emailed you this morning about availability in January! 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for reaching out!

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