23 Sep 2013

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Update: I’d taken this down, not to hide anything or gain anyone’s sympathy, but rather because it was only meant to let my clients know I wasn’t aware of this but that I was stepping back for now. I love the indie community, and books in general, and while this was being sorted out, I wanted everyone to know I was aware. I wasn’t trying to become part of the gossip fodder. Quite the opposite. I just want to move on and continue working and really, truly don’t want the drama. I understand how it’s upsetting for everyone; however, it really has nothing to do with me. As for why the testimonial and books are still listed, my husband handles that for me.

Honestly, I’d not addressed this sooner because I just wasn’t sure how. I’m just me. There’s no legal team to go to for advice. Only my dad and my husband. But I am aware of the allegations made and that my name is tied as editor to not only this title, but the others she’s been rereleasing after my clean ups.

Professionally, I have no legal commitment to speak out, nor do I have legal ties to this book. Obviously, I can’t possibly read every single piece of text out in the world, and truthfully, I’ve never read fan fiction. I’ve spent the last year promoting both indie and traditionally-pubbed authors as a blogger, supporting their work, developing relationships, and as a freelancer, I have to trust what I’m getting from authors is their own work. Today, though, I’m feeling a bit duped. Of course I want to believe in the integrity of the authors I work with, but when such damning evidence is presented, that becomes nearly impossible.

Personally, this is devastating. Since this “business” I created consists of only myself (& my sister, most recently), everything falls on me. I market, edit, bill, correspond. Everything. Being self-employed means so much time away from my two small children, many sleepless nights, and to find this out…well, I’m still not sure how to process it.

Until further proof against this accusation is provided, I feel it would be in the best interest of Madison Seidler (both professionally and personally) to distance myself from this author and her titles, in hopes that it won’t negatively impact what I’ve worked hard to create. With the amount of work I put into this “job,” and the sacrifices I make, along with the amount of time I know authors put into their writing, and how much it takes to get their writing out there, I don’t feel right continuing on as if nothing was brought to light. As for remarks that were apparently made this morning by her former editor, please know that if I’d had any knowledge that material I was editing was ‘heavily borrowed’ from another text, I would not remain silent about that. I really want to move on from this issue, and I hope it becomes resolved for everyone that’s involved. I truly enjoy working in this community and have lots of awesome to focus my energy on for now. I hope everyone else will do the same. :)

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  1. AGoddard

    Dear Madison, I feel so bad that you are caught in the middle of this. Please know that there are some out here that do not blame you at all. We blame the writer. Incidents like this scare those of thus that just want to write a story (and maybe someday even publish if we get the nerve).
    I just thought you would like to know that, and welcome to fanfiction (to bad it was the hard way). Much respect.

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